Gender Pay Report 2017

MC Group Limited
Gender Pay Report 2017

Within our group there are 3 trading businesses: MC Group Ltd, MC Rental Ltd & MC Truck & Bus Ltd.

Of these only MC Truck & Bus has more than 250 employees and its Gender Pay Report is set out below.

MC Truck & Bus Limited

Gender Pay

We welcome the government’s decision for companies to publish their Gender pay gaps and see this as a step towards removing all pay inequality in the workplace.

However, it should be noted that the legislation is distinct from equal pay as it is not measuring the parity of pay for roles of the same level. Instead it compares the average pay by gender of all roles regardless of level or type.

The commercial vehicle sector has traditionally been male dominated and at the calculation date the company’s workforce was 90% male employees and 10% female employees. The primary reason for this mix is that the entry point for many employees is through an HGV apprenticeship scheme. Most of our senior managers were HGV technicians early in their careers and it has been hard to recruit female HGV apprentices, though we have had some recent success.

The Company had analysed the report and is confident that any perceived gap in pay is a product of the gender mix rather than any pay differential between males and females of a similar grade.

Gender Pay Gap Information

The data below has been prepared in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

1. Gender Pay Gap
    a. Mean Gender Pay Gap                  23.5%
    b. Median Gender Pay Gap               20.7%

2. Bonus Gender Pay Gap
    a. Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap        66.4%
    b. Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap      7.0%

3. Proportion of male and female employees receiving bonuses
    a. Male employees                          32.0%
    b. Female employees                      26.2%

4. Male and female employees in each pay quartile

                       Top 25%         50%-75%        25%-50%        Bottom 25%

Male                97.3%              94.7%              82.7%              85.5%

Female            2.7%                5.3%                17.3%              14.5%

Peter Booth BSc FCA
Financial Director
27th November 2017